Everyone is blaming millennials for McDonald’s recent sales decline. 

People in their 20s and 30s say they favor fast-casual joints like Chipotle, Five Guys, and Panera Bread. They claim they care about things like food quality, customization, and ethics that McDonald’s can’t offer. 

“Increasingly, younger diners are seeking out fresher, healthier food and chains that offer customizable menu options for little more than the price of a combo meal,” The Wall Street Journal reported recently. 

But a recent report by Morgan Stanley reveals the difference between what millennials say and what they do. 

McDonald’s is still the most visited restaurant for the demographic, according to analysts at Morgan Stanley. 

Chipotle is the first fast-casual chain to appear on the list, coming in 11th place. 

While millennials frequented McDonald’s, it was the least likely to receive their endorsement. 

In other words, millennials are going to McDonald’s, but they aren’t likely to admit to it. 

People in their 20s and 30s told Morgan Stanley that a lack of food quality at McDonald’s was a reason they would not recommend the brand to a friend. 

But McDonald’s also has a few things going for it: it’s cheap, fast, and ubiquitous. 

Chipotle has nothing close to a Dollar Menu. It also doesn’t offer the convenience of a drive-thru. 

Millennials have ideals about food that is high quality, free of additives, and sustainable. 

But they are also underemployed and more likely to be working multiple jobs to pay off student-loan debt. 

So while millennials might not agree with McDonald’s business practices, it’s not likely they’re going to boycott the company. 

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More millennial women, in particular, are securing their diplomas than their older sisters, mothers and grandmothers.

They also outnumber their male peers when it comes to getting college degrees.

But those degrees aren’t helping them get jobs. Thanks to the Great Recession, Millennials are less likely to be employed than Gen Xers.

Millennial men were hit particularly hard. Not only do they trail Gen Xers in employment, but fewer are employed now than Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation (who are now mainly in their 70s and 80s) were at the same age.

Instead, Millennial men are more likely to be out of the labor force, either in school or not looking for a job.

Millennial women lost ground in terms of employment when compared to Gen Xers. But they are still more likely to work than Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation, when it was more common for women to stay home and raise children.

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